"After almost a year with a small agency that turned out not to be a good fit, I found Jen and Magical Moments Vacations. WOW. It was night and day. What is stellar here?
*The level of support for all things administrative (being a travel planner requires so much back office support, and this office is run well)
*The extensive and helpful training program for the new, even just new-to-this-agency, agents
*The care that her executive team has shown for getting people up and going, for helping us keep going, and giving us the support and inspiration to grow -- it shows that Jen has given thought to putting the right people in place to support the rest of her agents

Being part of MMV is so worth it and a total blessing."

"When I decided to become a Travel Agent, I did a lot of research and decided to go with Magical Moments Vacations . I am very thankful for every training opportunity they provided, the discussion groups offer invaluable support and resources that help us to feel confident and prepared for our clients. The experienced agents are kind and generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise with the new agents, making us feel part of a big family."

"I started out with another agency where my training was just a binder with some basic booking templates to follow. I had NO confidence in booking any trips. I was lucky enough to find out about Magical Moments Vacations. The training was superb,. I feel so confident and have already booked many trips before I even finished the academy! "

"This agency is simply the best!! Jen, the owner, has created a true gem of an agency with a positive culture that is evident in all aspects of the business."

"MMV is not a ‘host agency’.
MMV is a family.
MMV is a lifestyle.
MMV is a tribe.
Magical Moments Vacations is a positive force filled with positive people.
I can not imagine being anywhere else!"

"The BEST decision I ever made was partnering with MMV. You are never left in the dark. You instantly become part of a team. The team is AWESOME and I have no regrets. I’d recommend them 100%."

"Their 6-month academy program was a wonderful introduction. They provided help along the way and pushed me to do my best. I am so much more successful after only six months than I could have imagined."

"I started in 2013 with a different agency and it was a nightmare. Moving to MMV was the best business decision I could have made. Although we are all from different areas, we truly are a family. Knowing there are 300 people who have your back is important in a career that can cause a person to feel somewhat isolated."

"Magical Moments Vacations is an amazing travel agency!  Their lessons in how to market on social media has really helped me to get sales from people I haven’t even spoken to for years! It is an amazing travel agency that will help you become the best you can be!"